National Institute of Perinatology

This project was selected as the winning proposal for the redesign of the logotype.
The National Institute of Perinatology, located in Mexico City, is the leading institution in Latin America dedicated to research, education, and medical care for mothers and newborns. Its mission is to address complex reproductive and perinatal health issues through scientific, clinical, epidemiological, and medical research. Beyond being a hospital, it serves as a teaching and research institute, fostering the development of innovative health technologies.

Despite being such an important hospital and research institution, their logo and overall signage and communication suffered from issues of legibility and consistency. This made it difficult to understand and to follow, neglecting considerations of usability and inclusivity.

The challenge was to address these issues by redesigning the Institute's logo, branding, and creating clear signage for the hospital. The methodology included a research phase, user interviews, followed by design and testing. The objective was to develop a memorable and iconic logo while ensuring that the signage was easy to spot, read and follow.

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