The problem: It is the year 2020, COVID-19 is spreading and the world is in lockdown, forcing everyone to stay home. Traditional on-site photoshoots with big teams are not possible anymore and the Holidays are approaching. Creatives need to think out of the box. 

The solution: This was the moment when the creative team at Shopbop envisioned a digital art campaign that could inspire the audience in this difficult time. To realize that vision they reached out to Next Management and together we created a campaign where surrealism, optimistic colors and textures were the ingredients for creating an alternate world, different from the reality we were all living in at that moment.

The result: Animated design and collages for the 2020 Holidays campaign that included all of Shopbop's and East Dane departments. The collages were adapted for mobile and desktop formats.
The use of mixed media techniques was an important part in this project and involved working with a variety of sequins and embroidery trials, to achieve the fun look and feel.

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