L'Officiel Mexico
L'Officiel Mexico team:
Editor-in-chief: Javier Quesada; Art Director: Sofía Campuzano; Fashion Editor: Daniel Zepeda, Carolina Orrico; Beauty Editor: Florencia López Fretes; Graphic Designer: Claudia Galicia

Storytelling is the key word when creating a magazine, and the goal while working as Art Director for L'Officiel Mexico was to use it as a tool to reinforce the brand's identity and to create a consistent style and tone of voice for the publication across different platforms.

For L'Officiel, it is the juxtaposition of fashion, beauty and art what differentiate it from other publications. It isn't just one feature what makes an issue something special; it is the overall package, the consistency of the tone, the visual elements that illustrate a story, and the narrative of everything presented that takes the reader on a journey and ultimately inspires and captures the audience's attention, creating engagement and memorability.

Photographers: Gus&Lo, Ricardo Ramos, Andrés Jaña, Jeff Sutera, Giuseppe Vaccaro, Rafael Arroyo, Dorien Jimenez, Laurent Castellani, Johnson Lui, Laura Okita, Ana Montiel (artist), Victor Trani, Gus&Lo, Thomas Slack, Pascal Emmeran, Jacq Harriet, Ray Fragapane

Illustrator: Christian Castañeda

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